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 A biased view of Members kayaks
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Make & NameSizeSuitableProsConsURL
Make & NameSizeSuitableProsConsURL
Home built - Angmagssalik 5.5m x 50cm. extra low volume courageous fast, history lesson, rolls easily you will need that roll! Angmagssalik 
homemade - East Greelander 5.33m x 53.3cm Med volume Intermediate/Advanced. Fast, surfs well, turns well if leaned. wobbly at rest, you'll have to make it (from plans)  
Perception - Carolina 4.3m x 62cm. medium beginners good forgiving starter boat OK up to F4  
P&H - Sirius 5.2m x 52cm. medium advanced fast, tracks like its on rails tippy - try before you buy! Sirius review 
Valley - Avocet RM 4.88m x 56cm. small all lively plastic day boat  skeg unreliable  
Valley - Aquanaut Club 5.2m x 57cm. large volume all but the shortest cheap and tough plastic club boat poor skeg cleat takes skin off, problems with rotting Valley hatches, Northshore Atlantic much better  
Rockpool - Alaw 5.2m x 53cm. med all same hull as Bach but taller deck for knees up position looks a bit strange  
Prijon - Kodiak 5.18m x 59cm. huge kitchen sink carrier All can carry a camping chair (!) no skeg; so a rudder or put a big weight in stern Prijon Kodiak review 
Venture - Easky 15 4.75m x 61cm. med volume all levels popular stable starter boat none reported Venture website 
Kayak Sport - Artisan Millenium 5.6m x56cm. large intermediate-advanced fast long distance touring boat will it fit in your garage? Millenium review 
Tide Race - Xcite 5.25m x 53cm. medium all fun, fast, capable all-rounder, good in surf, high-quality build pity they can't make it in the UK, why isn't it cheaper if made in Taiwan? Don't understand all the versions Tiderace website 
Valley - Nordkapp RM 5.48m x 53cm. long but medium volume intermediate-advanced tough plastic version, larger and more stable than fibre glass version,  heavy, tight cockpit and tipples for some  
Valley - Q-boat 5.48m x 53cm large intermediate/advanced greenland style boat for the larger paddler? ugly as sin unlike the Anas Acuta, probably why its hardly ever seen  
Valley - Nordkapp 5.4m x 52cm. long but med volume intermediate-advanced classic boat & very sea worthy, many swear by them. tippy for some, Valley perishing hatches  
P&H - Cetus 5.4m x 54cm. volume depends on version all agile In 3 sizes, fast cruiser issues with skeg aduster now fixed. 27kg! heavier than the average sea kayak  
NDK - Explorer 5.4m x 54cm. volume depending on version all tough as old boots, 3 sizes but same hull though infamous service  
Rockpool - Taran 18 5.49m x 52cm. 380 ltrs large volume despite narrow beam intermediate - Advanced record breaker including our own Paul around Hayling Island who wants to cruise at 5kts anyway Jeff Allen warming up 
NDK - Greenlander 5.43m x 53.5cm. low intermediate-advanced fast chined kayak that tail ?  
NDK – Romany 4.87m x 54cm all agile, solid, good all rounder slightly slower than some other boats  
P&H - Iceflow 5.18m x 61cm. large old school nostaligics? classic Derick Hutchinson design lack of skeg can be a pain  
Mega - Diamonte Sovereign 5.0m x 56cm. medium - large beginners-intermediate good forgiving all round Club boat, lightweight build, surfs well silly position for portage handles, Malcolm has retired but it still made  
Valley - Anas Acuta 5.2m x 50cm. small - medium volume intermediate-advanced classic agile chined playboat,  'ocean' cockpit not for everyone, keyhole version now popular Anas acuta review 
P&H - Scorpio LV  5.09m x 54cm. med volume  all fast, manoeuvrable, sea worthy skeg niggles, not all will fit, see MV or HV versions P'&'H 
P&H - Capella 5m x 56cm all plastic version often a choice for 1st timers some people find it slow or uncomfortable  
NDK - Triton double 6.73m x 57cm intermediate - advanced fast, otherwise ask Russell cockpit spacing needs synchronised paddlers, consider rudder option  
Rainbow - Laser 5m x 58cm large 380L volume beginners-intermediate- kayak tourists in the Med unbreakable, cheap £720 direct from Italian factory weather cocking (no skeg), Sharp hatch edges need sanding when new  
Rockpool - Alaw Bach 5.2m x 53cm. medium 325L all fun and agile rough water do everything boat, best cockpit design poor deck elastic layout, stern needs a small radius  
Tahe Marine - Greenland 5.45m x 50cm. extra low volume smaller paddlers or experienced fun fun fun, rolling ease not for expeditions or biguns, no safety decklines, rescue issues due to low freeboard Tahe Greenland review 
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