Chimet Actual wind strength & direction in real time. Also has weather archive so you can check how bad those gusts were last week.

  • Witterings Surf Report from Shore webcam

  • Hayling Island Surfcam  See surf before leaving
  • Tides

    Easytide tide predictions from Admiralty - 1 week

    BBC tides predictions for 1 week

    XTide tides for any date anywhere in the world

    National Tidal and Sea Level Facility (NTSLF)
    Tides for next 4 weeks and other information
    highest for next 4 years

    Highest and lowest Portsmouth Tides

    Live Solent Radar dodge the shipping All year round tides, very 

    useful for long-term planning

    Coaches we like

    Kevn Mansell - Jersey

    Gordon Brown - Isle of Skye

    Nick Cunliffe - Anglesey


    Local shop at Swanwick offering Club members 
    15% discount. See Members page for Code

  • Woodmill local shop & training centre, Itchen 

  • AS Watersports  Exeter, large stock, handy for 
  • the Dart. 5-10% discounts for club members.

  • Bournemouth Canoes Have given 
  • club members good deals in the past

  • Whitewater the Canoe Centre London's only
  • canoe shop, has a lake and direct
  • kayaking access to the Thames

  • Alpkit  UK company for lightweight camping 
  • and outdoor gear; sleeping bags, camping gear and 
  • dry bags etc

  • Point North/Profabric DIY Supplies 

  • Scottish Mountain Gear
    Repairs to tents, rucksacks & goretex gear. 

    Replacement tent pole sections  

    Down products: repairs and refilling

  • Knots  always useful
  • French kayaking

    CK/Mer French sea kayaking association

    SHOM Tides French national body 

    Kayak Univers kayaking information Site showing kayak get in points 
    around France, UK and Europe


    Cordee Online bookshop including guides to Brittany 

    Pesda Press excellent navigation book, guides to UK 

    The Paddler Online ezine and resource

    Kayak Blogs

    Long list of Kayak blogs

  • Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson  Greenland experts

  • Simon Willis Sea kayaking in Scotland

  • Neil Goodyear Solent blog (no longer updated)  
  • Forums

    UK Rivers Guidebook Includes the sea kayaking

    The MASIK Newsletter of Qajaq USA

    Paddling Planet Collection of sea kayak blogs

    Kayak Paddling Excellent animated techniques

    PLA Thames For Thames leisure users

    Kayarchy Online encyclopaedia

    Faster paddling

    Kirton Kayaks  K1 and K2 also sea kayaks

    Marsport Kayaks All things for the DW
    Ultimate Kayaks Epic and Braca dealer, 
    and source of the best kayak roof rack 'Y' bars