Subscriptions rate 

£25     Adult membership 

£40     Family membership 

£10      Joining fee

Club membership is now managed on-line
Membership system.

The Club year finishes on 31 December. Existing members can renew any time from the 1st October. A month's grace period is allowed until the end of January. Any member who has failed to renew by 31 January will automatically be removed. If you wish to rejoin after January please include the £10 joining fee.

Renewing your membership

1. Login to the Membership system at the link above and renew. Check and amend if necessary your contact details, qualification and training record.

2. Send your payment to the Club. Details will be sent by email to your registered address.

Email reminders will be sent automatically to members who have not renewed at 28 days and 2 days before renewal date, and one day and 28 days after. If you do not renew within these dates, we assume you have left the Club.

Should you want to rejoin after January please add the £10 to your subscription making it £35 for an adult and £50 for family membership. 

Your contact details

Members must ensure their current address and email and their In Case of Emergency detials (ICE) are kept up to date on the Club Membership system. This is to remain in contact with the club via the email group, newsletter and for safety reasons. 

Either by cheque to the Secretary or by direct bank transfer. Cheques will be accepted at the AGM.
(Sorry no cash please)

Club Secretary – Simon Ashburn

47 Bedhampton Road,

Telephone: 023 93 071906